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Tee shirt : The clash, H&m vintage; Jean: Zara.
Here I'm going to swim. Good evening!


Picture : My Noémie Vandooren and Me at the Fnac.
Hi every body! I think you saw I make fewer post than before. I have to do my homework and now I swim 3 times a week and I do 'Just dance' on the wii every week... It takes me lot of time.. I have to help my parents because we repaint the whole house and my brother sleep in my bedroom and it's really tiring... I'm exausted haha.
Today I think I will go to the countryside.. If  it stops raigning! Good end of weekend

My tree

Picture: By me
Hi every body! I celebrate halloween with my best friends! It was great great great great. We laugh a lot. We saw Rec 1. I WAS TERRIFY!!! I saw Rec 2. last year and I wasn't but Rec 1. It was amazing! But now I need to call my brother to go upsairs haha! And my friends have appealed the spirits haha :p Well, it was a good evening!
I'm going to sleep <3 Good dreams my child.


Picture: Sometimes I miss this hear, I think I will cut my squared...
Hey guys! Tommorow my brother and me will have a 'sport day' haha. At the day program: Skake, Inline skate, bike etc... I'm impatient!


picture : Noémie and me in the swiming pool

The best scarf!

Picture : Me (and my favorite scarf America Today) by Sonia.
Hi every body!! I'm in holidays! Haha. Yesterday I went in a museum with my best friends to see a great exposotion! It was amazing I think I will speak about it in a post and after we sleept at Pauline's. Today I went at my grand mother home :)


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Picture : Topshop sweater that will soon be in wardrobe haha!
Good morning my little children! I'm ill :(. It's party time in my stomach! ( Two days before holidays: I'm so lucky haha!)

My love.

That was 3 months ago I had'nt seen this big cat! When I perceived she in my garden I ran to cautch her and never let her go! I'm so tired. Sweet dreams!


Picture 1: unknown. Picture 2 : Signe


Picture: Me by me
Good morning everybody! My week-end was very good :) Friday my best friend and me babysited and after she slept at home. Saturday Noémie and me did window shopping and I think next week I will spend all my economies haha! After we went to a little fair and later we returned at home to watch the film : Letter to Juliet! It is a great film! Here she just left and my family and me are going to my grand parent's to eat  the sunday lunch! Good meal to you.

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Picture: During the holidays in Biarritz, my friend and me always made picnic at the end of the day near the sea or the pool! I can't wait to start it again!
Hi every body! Yesterday all my town's secondary schools made a sort of 'revolution'. We wer around 2000 students in the street. It was very good and I hope it may change things!


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