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Tee shirt : The clash, H&m vintage; Jean: Zara.
Here I'm going to swim. Good evening!


Picture : My Noémie Vandooren and Me at the Fnac.
Hi every body! I think you saw I make fewer post than before. I have to do my homework and now I swim 3 times a week and I do 'Just dance' on the wii every week... It takes me lot of time.. I have to help my parents because we repaint the whole house and my brother sleep in my bedroom and it's really tiring... I'm exausted haha.
Today I think I will go to the countryside.. If  it stops raigning! Good end of weekend

My tree

Picture: By me
Hi every body! I celebrate halloween with my best friends! It was great great great great. We laugh a lot. We saw Rec 1. I WAS TERRIFY!!! I saw Rec 2. last year and I wasn't but Rec 1. It was amazing! But now I need to call my brother to go upsairs haha! And my friends have appealed the spirits haha :p Well, it was a good evening!
I'm going to sleep <3 Good dreams my child.


Picture: Sometimes I miss this hear, I think I will cut my squared...
Hey guys! Tommorow my brother and me will have a 'sport day' haha. At the day program: Skake, Inline skate, bike etc... I'm impatient!


picture : Noémie and me in the swiming pool

The best scarf!

Picture : Me (and my favorite scarf America Today) by Sonia.
Hi every body!! I'm in holidays! Haha. Yesterday I went in a museum with my best friends to see a great exposotion! It was amazing I think I will speak about it in a post and after we sleept at Pauline's. Today I went at my grand mother home :)


Source : My favorite blog : http://hardtoexplain79.blogspot.com/


Picture : Topshop sweater that will soon be in wardrobe haha!
Good morning my little children! I'm ill :(. It's party time in my stomach! ( Two days before holidays: I'm so lucky haha!)

My love.

That was 3 months ago I had'nt seen this big cat! When I perceived she in my garden I ran to cautch her and never let her go! I'm so tired. Sweet dreams!


Picture 1: unknown. Picture 2 : Signe


Picture: Me by me
Good morning everybody! My week-end was very good :) Friday my best friend and me babysited and after she slept at home. Saturday Noémie and me did window shopping and I think next week I will spend all my economies haha! After we went to a little fair and later we returned at home to watch the film : Letter to Juliet! It is a great film! Here she just left and my family and me are going to my grand parent's to eat  the sunday lunch! Good meal to you.

<< One solution: demonstration! >>

Picture: During the holidays in Biarritz, my friend and me always made picnic at the end of the day near the sea or the pool! I can't wait to start it again!
Hi every body! Yesterday all my town's secondary schools made a sort of 'revolution'. We wer around 2000 students in the street. It was very good and I hope it may change things!


Picture source: I forgot ^^' but it is amzing!
Hi guys! Today, France strike because the governement wants the retirement's maximum age is 70 years old! But I'm to lazy to protest in the street with the other people. But I think in a few years I will do. Well, I woke up around 9 o'clock and a ate an amazing brek-fast: Pancake with chocolate and homemade orange juice! After I did my homework and learned my lessons. At 12 my mother, brother and me went to my grand-parent's house and I took pictures and and I'm bit proud of my photos! Then with my mother we went in the downtown and I bought a skirt and a blouse! héhé! My life is so interesant isn't it ? There I just finished skating. I really love skating but I prefer swimming! Oh I almost forgot to tell you that I were chosen for the swimming competition. I makes me very happy! I will tell you if I win. I hope. Hope for me too please hihi!

The Cardigans - Lovefool

Picture: Jean : Zara; Tee-shirt: Naf naf.
TToday the weather was fine it was sunny and I stay at home with my family. I danced on Lovefool with my father. IIt was very funny!! Thank you The cardigans !


Picture: Fortune favors the brave
This picture is amazing and the woman is wonderful! I really like it! I'm just come back from the swimming pool and I'm so tired! Tommorow I have a english history test, wich me good luck please haha! Sweat dream my friends

Pink sky

7The sky is amazing on this evening!


Picture: Today my grand mother went at home and we cooked an apple tart. Wum wum!
I'm going to learning my chemistry because tommorow I have two hours at 8:00 Wish to me good luck!

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