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Picture: During the holidays in Biarritz, my friend and me always made picnic at the end of the day near the sea or the pool! I can't wait to start it again!
Hi every body! Yesterday all my town's secondary schools made a sort of 'revolution'. We wer around 2000 students in the street. It was very good and I hope it may change things!

Postat av: moe

Hi, well i don'r know what you mean actually, sorry..


2010-10-16 @ 14:10:27
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Postat av: madelene

tanks! I use something called "gamma-ljus" (in swedish) in a program called photoscape. You can download it for free, I think.. After that I open the same picture in photoshop and duplicate the layer, so I got one with the Gamma effect and one without it. Than it's just to put the effect were you want it.

Don't know if you understood anything, haha ;) But atleast I tried to explain! Good luck. Hugs =)

2010-10-16 @ 15:57:14
URL: http://sandmer.se
Postat av: rebecca

the picnicthing sounds very nice, I love picnics!:)

2010-10-16 @ 16:59:30
URL: http://rebeccawetterlov.blogg.se/

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