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Hi every body! I celebrate halloween with my best friends! It was great great great great. We laugh a lot. We saw Rec 1. I WAS TERRIFY!!! I saw Rec 2. last year and I wasn't but Rec 1. It was amazing! But now I need to call my brother to go upsairs haha! And my friends have appealed the spirits haha :p Well, it was a good evening!
I'm going to sleep <3 Good dreams my child.

Postat av: Anonym

Haha, the funny thing is that I don't do any sports.. I just walk alot (:

2010-11-03 @ 13:54:44
Postat av: Camilla Andersson

oh, thank you!

2010-11-06 @ 17:00:00
Postat av: Marley

Nice picture

I'm glad you had a great night,

ahahah I think I'd never watch Rec, I'm so scared of horror films ahahah

2010-11-07 @ 13:20:59

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