Picture: Me by me
Good morning everybody! My week-end was very good :) Friday my best friend and me babysited and after she slept at home. Saturday Noémie and me did window shopping and I think next week I will spend all my economies haha! After we went to a little fair and later we returned at home to watch the film : Letter to Juliet! It is a great film! Here she just left and my family and me are going to my grand parent's to eat  the sunday lunch! Good meal to you.

Postat av: madelene

hmm, hard to explain when I can't speak swedish. But I'll try.

I don't know what the "gamma-effekten" is called in english but, it's just like in phs when you use the curves. The differense is that not only the white parts of the pictures get more lighten up. Good,, this is really hard to explain.. -.-

I could send you an e-mail if you like? Where I could use some pictures, to explain with? It would be much more easy.

hug / madelene

2010-10-17 @ 15:56:52
Postat av: Daniel

Letter to juliet brölade jag till, fin film!

2010-10-18 @ 19:09:48

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